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In this fully downloadable resource, Tara Tucker presents 18 West African rhythms suitable for beginner and intermediate djembe players:

Balakulandjan – Malinke initiation rhythm, Kurussa region, Guinea
Djole – Temine mask rhythm, Guinea & Sierra Leone
Senefoli – Malinke harvest rhythm, North East Guinea
Moribayassa – Malinke women’s dance, North East Guinea
Denadon – Malinke rhythm played before the Mendiani festival, North East Guinea
Dallah – Malinke fishing rhythm, North East Guinea
Kanin – Original rhythm by Mamady Keita
Toro – Malinke initiation rhythm, North East Guinea
Soli Rapide – Malinke initiation rhythm, Guinea

Kuku – Popular Manian rhythm, Forest Guinea & Ivory Coast
Fankani – Popular Malinke rhythm, Wassolon region, Guinea
Soliwoulen – Malinke rhythm for master fetish-maker, North East Guinea
Soli Lent – Malinke initiation rhythm, Guinea
Fe 1 – Popular Malinke rhythm, North East Guinea
Kono – Original rhythm by Mamady Keita
Djagbe – Popular Malinke rhythm, North East Guinea
Soko – Malinke initiation rhythm, Faranah region, Guinea
Kassa – Malinke harvest rhythm, North East Guinea

Each rhythm package includes:

  • Detailed rhythm instruction of 2 djembe accompaniments
  • Cultural background information
  • Demonstration of the 3 dunun (bass drum) parts
  • Ensemble demo video that shows the 3 dununs & 2 djembes coming in 1 by 1
  • Rhythm notations
  • Basic djembe technique video
  • Video explaining how to read the notations
  • Playalong tracks of the 2 djembe parts and of the dunun ensemble. Each one is provided at 3 or 4 speeds, ranging from 75 to 135 beats per minute.


Learn ‘ballet style’ dunun rhythms online with Guinean master drummer Mohamed Bangoura and Australian djembe player Tara Tucker. Demonstrations, breakdowns and notation for all 18 rhythms featured in LDO’s djembe tutorials.

Ballet Duns – Buy Now

Check out previews of the rhythms

Balakulandjan, Djole & Senefoli
Moribayassa, Denadon & Dallah
Kanin, Toro & Soli Rapide
Kuku, Fankani & Soliwoulen
Soli Lent, Fe1 & Kono
Djagbe, Soko & Kassa

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