Rhythm For Tots

Rhythm For Tots is an opportunity for children aged 12 months to 4 years to creatively engage in fun, rhythm-based play sessions.  You will witness your child’s musical awareness, social and communication skills develop through participation in activities such as percussion play, movement to music, storytelling and songs.

RFT sessions are on weekdays from 10am.  Sessions are 1 hr long and are held at Sandown Pavilion, Sandy Bay. Programs generally run in 5-week blocks

Cost of a 5-week program:
$75 for 1 child accompanied by a parent or care-giver
$125 for 2 siblings accompanied by 1 or 2 parents or care-giver
Registrations are essential



The objectives of these sessions are for your child (age dependent) to:

  • Develop their natural musicality and enjoyment of music
  • Develop motor functions, balance, spacial awareness and an understanding of the connection between movement and rhythm
  • Be creatively inspired by a variety of instruments of different materials, textures, colors, sounds and forms
  • Play and express themselves in a non-competitive, fun and supportive environment
  • Become familiar with general musical concepts such as pulse, tempo, rhythm, pitch and dynamics
  • Experience recreational music and its benefits

Instruments will include bells, hand drums, tambourines, xylophones, boom whackers and shakers. Time will be aside for free percussion play, which will be accompanied by traditional and contemporary African music.

Experimenting with different instruments exposes children to new and interesting sensations and aids the development of new motor functions.

Musical play helps the development of social intelligence, language, self expression, body awareness, communication and listening skills.

A child’s responses to visual, auditory and tactile stimuli help the development and organisation of the brain. This forms the foundation for academic learning, social behavior and emotional growth.

Recent research on Timing in Child Development concluded that
“A child’s timing — ability to feel and express steady beat — is fundamental to both movement and music, affecting both sports skills and musical performance, as well as speech-flow and performance of timed motor tasks. In addition, children’s timing has been found to be positively related to children’s overall school achievement, as well as mathematics and reading achievement, self-control and gross-motor skills.”
See the full report on this fascinating research

For you, the parent or care-giver, these sessions are a novel way of spending quality time connecting with your child and an opportunity to:

  • Be exposed to music from different traditions
  • Increase your rhythmic literacy which you may then apply at home
  • Use music expressively whilst playing with your child
  • Socialize with other parents

sandown pavilion
Sandown Pavilion is located between the 2 hockey fields, opposite the Long Beach Playground

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