Djagbe, Soko & Kassa

Djagbe: Popular rhythm from North East Guinea.
Soko: Malinke initiation rhythm from the Faranah region of Guinea.
Kassa: Malinke rhythm that traditionally accompanies farmers’ work in North East Guinea. The word kassa means ‘granary’.

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Kuku, Fankani, Soliwoulen, Soli Lent,
Fe 1, Kono, Djagbe, Soko, Kassa.

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Balakulandjan, Djole, Senefoli, Moribayassa, Denadon,
Dallah, Kanin, Toro, Soli Rapide, Kuku, Fankani, Soliwoulen,
Soli Lent, Fe1, Kono, Djagbe, Soko & Kassa.

All 18 Rhythms
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Moribayassa, Denadon & Dallah
Kanin, Toro & Soli Rapide
Kuku, Fankani & Soliwoulen
Soli Lent, Fe1 & Kono
Djagbe, Soko & Kassa

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